Dog tags


A dog tag is a well designed metal (Iron, Silver, Gold, Steel and Aluminium) which is having a specific message and is worn on the neck for identification purposes. The metal may be in different shapes however the most popular one is oval.

Military Dog tags

Military Dog Tags

The term military dog tags was uses in ancient times and not necessary to define dogs however it is just an informal term that is and also was used to describe metals worn at an army by different soldiers in order to identify them during their death or illness. 

Custom Dog Tags

In this modern days most people are so creative in such a way, you will see most innovators designing and customizing different dog tags for commercial purposes, they create tags for children so you may identify them if lost, some write special messages for their loved ones, e.g. a man writing a love message for the lady he loves and versa versa.  

Evolution of Dog Tags

 Dog Tags are no longer used only in an army only however they are used in spreading a special message which people  cherish greatly, they purposely carry that messages on their necks wherever they go so that they mantain a connection with their loved ones.

Are Dog Tags Important?

You might ask yourself whether the dog tags are important or not, on our encounter on trying to find answers we came across this important message from the previous owner of the website who wrote, I quote:

“In February, 2001 my friend, Rob Stiff and I went to Vietnam to check on business opportunities. Little did we know that on our last day there, we would run into something that would change our lives?

While shopping for Vietnamese dresses for my wife and daughters at a local Ho Chi Minh City market we came across a vendor selling war paraphernalia, including US dog tags that he claimed were authentic. We were both upset by this and chose not to purchase any and within hours left the country.

As soon as we were on the plane to Hong Kong we both regretted our decision and immediately decided we would return as soon as we could to buy the dog tags from the market and any additional tags we could locate in the city.

In May 2001, we returned to Ho Chi Minh City locating and purchasing approximately 625 dog tags. Upon our return home to Orlando, Florida, we contacted government agencies looking for assistance to return the dog tags to their original owners. Congressman Rick Keller’s staff member gave us our first lead and on July 4th, 2001 we returned to first dog tag to U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Allan G. Decker’s mother, Ruth Decker, at his grave site. Lance Cpl. Decker served with the 2nd Battalion, 27th regiment, 3rd Marine Division, in Quang Nam Province when he was killed on August 25, 1968. 

With the publicity, we received from returning this dog tag, which was covered by both local and national news outlets; we became well known overnight and were able return 125 dog tags to their owners over the next few years.

Many years have now passed and the contacts have dwindled, so we are now making a renewed effort to again return as many of dog tags as we possibly can to the rightful servicemen.

The original purpose we started this quest, is still the same, return as many dog tags as possible to those that so bravely served our country in Vietnam. Rob and I are very proud of our Vietnam veterans and feel it is the least we can do for them. Now with the help of my two brothers George and Mike, we hope to be as successful as we were in 2001. You may contact them on this email address